5 Reasons to Go On a Grocery Store Tour

You can have a nutritionist by your side IN the grocery store! How fun! Reason #1: Don’t get tricked by the food packaging. #2 Learn about food processing, food marketing, and how food impact your health and weight – and finally learn how many almonds are actually in that glass of almond milk! Read on for more…

Who Is the Best Health Professional to Help with Creating New Lifestyle Habits?

With so many options for a finding a health professional to help you move towards your health goals, how do you know how to choose? Let me be clear that your medical doctor is your first partner but you only get so much in-person time. Let your doctor help guide your decisions about what to work on; then find a health professional and find your best strategies to get it done! Let’s explore health coaches, personal trainers, dietitians, nutritionists, and mental health counselors!

Woman with basket of fruits, vegetables, and bread

The Vegan Experiment

The gauntlet has been thrown down and I said, “Challenge accepted!” The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has issued a challenge to dietetics professionals to live a vegan lifestyle for five days. I am not doing this for the Vitamix blender that is the prize in this contest (although I would gladly accept it). I…


And We’re Live!

Welcome! Today is the day I officially launch my Web site. To celebrate the occasion, I have just posted a cooking demonstration showing you how to make “mom’s homemade salsa” which makes a great snack or can be used in other recipes. You can find the video on my “Cooking Videos” page or on my…