New Motivation – For Me and You!

As your coach, I don’t have your answers; but I can make sure you are empowered with the reality (not the fads!) of nutrition, exercise, and health and I can lead you in a direction that helps you discover your answers.

Your best weight may be heavier than all those experts tell you it should be. Don’t listen to them. Your BEST weight is the one that maximizes your health both physically AND emotionally. It is determined by YOU – your body, your medical labs – and not from some chart. (Spoiler Alert – excess weight does not CAUSE diabetes and heart disease… association is not causation… lots of “skinny” people have these conditions too!)

Willpower – Psssshaw.

On average, I talk to about 30-40 people every week who are working on reaching their health goals using food and nutrition. Sure, we talk about food and calories and all that fun dietitian-stuff; but more often than not, the issue is not what or how to eat. Google yourself a nutrition question and you’ll…