Weight Does Not Equal Health: A Personal Story

You may have noticed I’m a dietitian and health coach and I’m overweight. Does that make you question my abilities? Do you think that I can’t help you because obviously I can’t take care of my own health? If so, well, that’s too bad.

You see, too much our current culture thinks (1) healthy = thin anIMG_1167d (2) thin = healthy.

Lemme tell ya, that just ain’t so. In clinical practice I have seen many thin people with some really messed up ugly labs who get winded walking up a flight of stairs… and I’ve seen many large people with gorgeous labs who are working out every day. So, yah, about weight and health, they don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Right, the personal story.

I’ve shared before my weight history from my early years to present day so it should come as no surprise that I’m technically “overweight” by the BMI (which really should get tossed out as invalid for clinical practice) and I’m also “overweight” at 140% of my “ideal body weight” by the Hamwii equation oh and I wear a size 12-14 but wasn’t blessed with Marilyn’s curves… or height! So, one might look at me and think, ugh, she’s big / chubby / fat / totally unhealthy and oh my god how can she be a health coach?

And actually, if you are that judgy on how I look then I can only imagine what you must say to yourself – stop it already and try being nice to yourself… and stop worrying about my size or health because I’m good.

Want proof?

Well, I will share my HIPAA-protected lab values with you to prove the point – anecdotally of course. I’ll list the labs (the ideal range): my value.

Total Cholesterol (100-199):                          123

Triglycerides (0-149):                                      118

HDL (good) Cholesterol (> 50 women):       75

LDL (bad) Cholesterol (< 100):                      24

Glucose / Blood Sugar (<100):                       91

All the rest are also within normal limits so I won’t go down the laundry list here…

I also exercise. I can run/walk a 5k (very ungracefully), I can do an hour of heated yoga (a little more gracefully), and I average 10,000 steps a day.

If anything, I want to improve my strength and flexibility, not my weight.

My weight will be whatever it wants to be actually. I want to eat delicious food and I want to enjoy using my body. I want you to stop judging me as a health professional because of my beliefs about weight being the cause of many health issues (correlation is not causation). I want you to stop being so critical of yourself and others. Loosen up a little. Eat some good food. Move with joyful purpose. Stop eating and exercising by the numbers. And realize that beauty – and health – do come in all shapes and sizes.

And yes, I’m overweight and I’m a damn good dietitian and health coach.

Originally posted at N.E.W. Motivation Coaching on 5/10/17.

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