Recipe: Spicy Mexi-Bowl (Gluten-Free!)

This spicy Mexican-inspired quinoa and beans bowl is a quick to prepare, heart-healthy, and nutrition-rich meal that can be made ahead for take-to-work lunches or mix up a big batch for a family dinner.  You could even top it with an over-easy egg and make it a breakfast.

Mash beans, avocado, and salsa together

My First Day Being a Vegan

Yesterday, I started the Vegan Experiment Challenge. The day started off with a true challenge. The breakfast I had planned was mock scrambled eggs made with tofu. Unfortunately, I didn’t research any recipes before I shopped and I got the wrong consistency of tofu. This threw off my plan for my very first meal! Even with a…

Serve in a small bowl surrounded by lettuce leaves

Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

I love quinoa. It is so versatile, it cooks quickly, and it’s a grain that is a complete protein as well! A complete protein has all of the essential amino acids that our bodies need, which is important for those who do not eat meat or other animal products (which are naturally complete proteins). So,…

Kale Rolls with brown rice

We’ve Got Greens!

It’s kale cooking demonstration time! Tis the season to harvest greens and we have a lot of them from our organic Ogier Garden where I work so I decided to do a cooking demonstration showcasing our beautiful greens. Recipes included kale quinoa rolls and autumn vegetable soup.I found both of the recipes I used online…