Photo of Alexia making heart hands.

Compilation of Heart Health Blog Articles

Hi friends! I’ve recently rediscovered my love of writing and will be posting my blog articles related to heart health on my business’s website.

You learn more about the business at Keeping Healthy Simple Club (TM). We focus on helping adults who struggle with their health to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, so they can stop second-guessing what they do and finally be confident, healthy, and proud of themselves.

Alexia Lewis making heart hands with her quote "Life is better with science and delicious food" and icons of places she has been featured.

Hop over to these links to enjoy articles on the following topics.

TopicBlog Article (when available)YouTube (when available)
Risk Factors for Heart
Heart Attack Signs &
Nutrition for Heart Health
Heart Disease: Exercise, Stress, Depression, and Sleep
Flavoring Foods with Less
Does Sea Salt Have Less Sodium than Table Salt?
Cheers to Your Heart Health (alcohol and heart disease risk)
Coffee and Heart Health: Starbucks® Oleato™

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