New ebook and special for October

Many people know that following a gluten-free diet means not eating wheat bread and pasta but they have very little help figuring out what they can eat or where else gluten is hiding in their food, medicines, and other products. Well, I can help with that! I just published an ebook: Celiac Disease: Real-Life Nutrition Strategies to Improve Symptoms and Heal Your Gut. This ebook gives and easy-to-understand explanation of what really happens in your body if you have celiac disease, provides guidelines and tips to ensure food choices are truly gluten-free, and goes one step further to list foods to help avoid common nutritional deficiencies.

COVER-celiac-diseaseAround 95% of people with celiac disease have not even been diagnosed and are suffering with symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, and even fatigue and joint pain. This ebook gives them real-life solutions for how to change their food choices so they don’t have to live with these uncomfortable symptoms, allow their body to repair damage from gluten, and still enjoy delicious food.

If you are not the reading type (well first, thanks for reading this blog), I’ve also got a special going on for October and am offering 50% off the “Go Gluten Free” coaching package which includes 1 initial and 2 follow up sessions, a personal grocery excursion to check out food packages where you make your food decisions (if local) OR the Label Detective online course (in development, course will be delivered by coach if not yet complete), and a FREE copy of the ebook. You must be a current email subscriber & limit of one deal per person. More details here.

This ebook, priced at $4.99, is available at or at your favorite book retailer. Is it chock-full of information including:

  • The basics of a gluten-free diet
  • Whole foods and alternative grains to include
  • Which foods and ingredients to avoid
  • How to best use gluten-free products (and when to avoid them!)
  • How to fit alcohol into a gluten-free diet
  • How to read food packaging and labels for gluten-containing ingredients
  • How to plan meals or approach eating out while remaining gluten-free
  • How to choose foods to address the most common nutrition deficiencies from a gluten-free diet
  • A list of online resources
  • Two case studies to give you examples of how two people with celiac disease approached their food and nutrition choices to better manage their symptoms

GF-delishI wrote this initially in 2013 (it has been updated for this ebook!) as a continuing education course for health professionals. In addition to the information that remains in the book, there was also a section on how to implement the Nutrition Care Process and tips for health professionals working with patients who have celiac disease. I said back then, four years ago, that I really should make this consumer-friendly and publish it that way too. And time passed. So… four years later… here it is! I am BEYOND EXCITED for this day to finally come. Now that I know how to epublish, expect more goodies coming from me as well!

This information will be useful for anyone with celiac disease as well as those who suspect they may have a gluten/wheat allergy or intolerance – so please pass this information along!

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