Premium Nutrition Coaching

If you desire a high level of one-on-one support that is tailored to your needs and goals, this is what you are looking for!

Premium Coaching is a la carte so that you can get the most out of your time based on your specific situation, challenges, and unique needs and goals. You can choose from nutrition counseling and coaching, weekly meal planning and recipes, improving cooking skills, or any of the “real world” nutrition sessions, such as grocery store tours, and in-your-kitchen food pantry makeovers. You will also have the option to have email or text communication for when you need answers or support.

Premium coaching requires a 3 month commitment and will include weekly sessions lasting from 1-2 hours that can be done in person or through skype or another video messaging service. The first session will be a discussion about your background, lifestyle, and goals.

Due to the personalized service you will receive, Alexia can only accept two clients at a time. Email Alexia for your free no-obligation 15-minute session to discuss your needs, availability, and pricing.

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