Nutrition Services

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Heart Smart Challenges: Are you ready to take charge of your heart health but are unsure what to eat, how much to eat, or who to trust to help you? Sign up your group for a month-long challenge focused on improving heart health through nutrition. Challenges can be focused on weight loss and run for as many months as your group wants to continue.

Heart Check Report: Are you curious about how the foods you choose match up to the heart-healthy nutrition guidelines? Get a review of your diet and food choices including recommendations to move towards a more heart-healthy way of eating.

Real World Nutrition Sessions: Let’s go out to the places where you make your food choices! Choose a Grocery Store Tour or an In-Your-Kitchen Food Panty Makeover to learn how to set yourself up for success with making heart-healthy, nutrition-rich choices. Can be done one-on-one or with a small group of 3-5 people.

Nutrition & Healthy Habits Support Group: Bring an eight-week nutrition support group focused on making lifestyle changes to your group. This is appropriate for corporate wellness programs and for individuals who come together on their own. Groups are better suited for 5-20 people, meet once a week, and are more conversational to encourage members supporting one another.

Workshops, Speaking, and Writing: If you want a one-time talk or series of specific heart-healthy nutrition topics, take advantage of my workshops and presentations. Workshops & Presentations are appropriate for any size audience and are given in a lecture-style or interactive hands-on format. Information on requesting Alexia as a speaker for your event or writing for your publication can also be found here.

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