Heart-Check Report

Do you wonder how heart-healthy your diet really is and what you can do to improve it; but don’t have time for in-person nutrition coaching?

You need a Heart-Check Report!

You will complete a short health questionnaire and complete a food tracker that outlines everything that you eat, drink, and take as vitamins/supplements for three days.

You will receive a comprehensive review of your diet that outlines the nutrition of your diet in terms of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Alexia will review the heart-healthiness of your diet and give you simple-language feedback based on your report. She will also recommend a few food swaps or additions that will help you move towards the heart-healthy diet guidelines.

The report will be provided via email within one week of submitting your food tracker unless other arrangements are made (by you or by Alexia). You must be available via email during the week to answer any follow-up questions about your food tracker.


One Heart Check Report: $75

Packages of multiple Heart Check Reports may be purchased at a discount depending on number purchased. It is best to allow 4 weeks between each report to give you time to implement the recommendations. No refunds are given on packages. Packages are valid for one year from the purchase date.


This service is not intended to be Medical Nutrition Therapy or to be a replacement for seeing your physician or following your physician’s recommendations. You (the client) are required to disclose any diagnosed or suspected medical or health conditions that may impact the Heart Check Report recommendations. This service is a comparison of the client’s current diet to the heart healthy dietary guidelines with recommendations given to move the client closer to the guidelines. Alexia Lewis RD reserves the right to decline services to clients based on other medical conditions or other health factors or to require physician referral before providing a report.

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