Client Comments

Here’s what those who have seen Alexia in action have to say. Names are not always provided in order to protect client confidentiality.

Nutrition Coaching & Counseling

When asked, “What were the most positive aspects of the one-on-one nutrition counseling you received from Alexia,” clients have said:

  • Receiving information I could use and encouragement that I was making steady progress
  • She was genuinely concerned about helping and knew what she was talking about
  • I learned a lot about things I can change food-wise to help with certain health issues that I have
  • The attitude and support is wonderful. I am receiving great information and in a way that agrees with my goals and lifestyle
  • It was great discussion on health and diet, very enjoyable
  • I learned a great deal. She was sensitive to my wants and needs. She was encouraging
  • She was very prepared for my specific needs
  • There was such a value in meeting with a dietitian to evaluate my habits and suggest other choices. Found the experience to be supportive versus critical
  • Individual, thoughtful assistance to set my goals in a realistic fashion that would help me accomplish them
  • I liked the idea of setting goals and coming back to adjust my routine based on positive or negative changes
  • Helping me with different ideas helped me to reach my goal

Workshops & Groups

  • This is the BEST program and so thorough. Alexia’s cheerful, educated approach is so motivating, encouraging, and inspiring! (Nutrition Support Group)
  • Great job, natural presenter (Nutrition 101)
  • Excellent grasp of material, very well spoken, comfy with audience, good sense of humor (Nutrition 101)
  • I was already somewhat motivated; but with the new information I have received, I feel I can take my efforts to a higher level (Nutrition for your Health)
  • Information is powerful. We all have room to grow and eat better foods. She gave a lot of good information on eating the right kinds of foods (Nutrition for your Health)
  • Presented herself professionally and was very realistic and down to earth (Nutrition for your Health)
  • She covered the topics aIl had questions about and spoke eloquently on nutritional needs and lifestyle changes (Nutrition for your Health)

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