About Alexia


Alexia knows first-hand how difficult it can be to change your food choices. She survived a heart attack in 2007 and – in addition to tightening up on her food and activity habits –  she decided to become a nutritionist and health coach to help others learn how to change their food choices to improve their health (or just make life easier!). Since then, Alexia has worked with hundreds of people on improving their nutrition quality, breaking their food rules, transitioning to a new way of eating (plant-based, low-sodium, Mediterranean, gluten-free, etc.), and managing their health and weight – even those with a crazy schedule, those on a tight food budget, and those concerned with the quality and additives in their food products.

N.E.W. Motivation Coaching was created by Alexia to coach people to manage health conditions or reach personal health goals through one-on-one coaching, education and support groups, and hands-on practical workshops and classes. Previously, she has worked in private practice and with the University of North Florida as the Campus Wellness Dietitian, an Adjunct Instructor, and a preceptor for master’s level dietetic interns and undergraduate nutrition students. Her speaking and writing experience can be found below.


Alexia is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentialed through the Commission on Dietetic Registration and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist with Florida Department of Health (license ND 6225). Her Certified Health Coach credential is from the American Council on Exercise. She holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and a Bachelor of Science in Health from the University of North Florida. From her previous career, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Management from Nova Southeastern University.


Celiac Disease: Real Life Nutrition Strategies to Improve Symptoms and Heal Your Gut, Smashwords, 2017.

200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well and Feel Better, Fair Winds Press, 2014. Co-author with other University of North Florida faculty.

Professional Development Resources (continuing education courses)

The Florida Times Union newspaper

904Fitness magazine

LiveStrong.com: Content Provider

Jacksonville Dietetic Association Journal: Newsletter Editor and Writer

Examiner.com: Jacksonville Nutrition Examiner

Note: Publications prior to February 2012 were written while Alexia was studying and interning to become an dietitian.


Alexia has delivered workshops that range from interactive, hands-on formats to  lecture-style presentations. Her audiences have been as young as 7th grade and as seasoned as seniors. She has spoken to church groups, local businesses, sororities, college athletes, cardiac rehabilitation programs, and professional organizations among others.

Past topics include:

  • The A.S.P.I.R.E. Strategy to Plan Healthy Meals
  • Heart-Healthy Eating Strategies
  • What’s In My Food? Deciphering Food Labels and Ingredients Lists
  • Cooking Tips and Recipe Revisions
  • Cooking Demonstration: Beans, Beans, They’re Good for your Heart

Alexia is media trained through Communications 21 and is available for broadcast interviews on the topics of food, nutrition, and health/wellness in the Jacksonville and surrounding area. She is an effective and personable speaker.

  • Starting Your Business: Panel speaker for Using Social Media and Marketing to Promote your Business
  • Personal Experience with Heart Disease: Panel speaker for Pink Goes Red for a Day: Sisters with a Heart-to-Heart Connection
  • Let’s Talk Nutrition: What Can Fitness Trainers Tell Their Clients If They Aren’t Dietitians? Requested by UNF Student Wellness Center fitness trainers
  • Eat for the Planet: Eating Sustainably and Busting Myths about Vegetarianism: Panel speaker for National Nutrition Month/Garbage on the Green event at UNF
  • Choose My Plate and Fast Food Choices: Guest speaker for summer camp for inner city 7th-8th graders
  • Why Reinvent the Wheel? Policies that Address Food Issues: Guest speaker for Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Steering Committee meeting

Television Media

Heart Attack Survivor Shares Tips for Heart Healthy Eating, on WJXT Channel 4,  October 2014

Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks, Interview on WJXT Channel 4, September 2014

Packing a Heart Healthy Lunch that Stays Fresh Until Lunchtime, Interview on First Coast Living, August 2014

Interviews & Quotes

Take it To Heart Pilot Program Off to a Good Start, Quoted on WJXT Channel 4, September 2014

Beneficial Berries, Quoted in HealthSource Magazine, September 2014

FYI on GMO, Quoted in HealthSource Magazine, January 2014

Unconventional Dietetics Practice: Alexia Lewis, Florida Dietetic Association, Focus Newsletter , February 2013


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