New Motivation – For Me and You!

I’m so excited to share that I am now able to bring my coaching to more people! This new direction has added such a spark of passion back into my world – and the fact that I’m able to help those around me with their health makes me that much more grateful to have decided on a health professional as my second career!

A few months ago, a neighbor asked me why I didn’t start a weight loss group for our neighborhood and it set these wheels in motion. I opened the invitation and had 10 people join me for an informal Weight Loss Challenge.  I was ecstatic – but now – the work begins and I have to ponder, design, and deliver useful, motivational coaching topics and discussions once a week! Good thing I’ve been doing this for 5 years!

It was a success and everyone who finished the month with the group lost weight ranging from 1.4% to 3.6% of their body weight in four weeks. Our “biggest loser” lost 8 pounds! With such a great success, I offered a second month of the challenge and took the plunge to officially start NEW Motivation Coaching – Nutrition. Exercise. Wellness. This time I re-focused and re-branded as a Healthy Weight Challenge. More about that in a moment.

The second month is ending tomorrow and so far 2 people have weighed out: one lost 3% and the other lost 3.5% of their body weight and both reducing body fat percentage! The most fun part for the clients is that they all put funds into a Challenge Pot and everyone who meets their goal splits the pot – they could possibly end up being ONLY $5 out of pocket for this month of the program! How cool is that!

Actually here’s the coolest part. There is no diet or meal plan. There is no strict exercise schedule. There are no supplements or shakes or other such snake oil.

I’m a big believer in a non-diet approach. I’ve dieted since I was 13 and rode that yo-yo weight rollercoaster. Diets only work SHORT-TERM and they set people up to have such an ugly relationship with food. Food becomes something to be controlled… manipulated… it becomes our savior and our worst enemy and makes us feel like we can take on the world when we are “good” with our food or feel like we should go crawl in a hole and hide in guilt and shame when we are “bad” with our food. It makes me sad and my goal is get people to just STOP THIS MADNESS!

New Motivation’s Coaching Groups are focused on food as nourishment and allows – even encourages – fun foods. That snickers bar that used to fill you with dread followed by shame can now be something to simply enjoy because, hey, it’s delicious! Our groups focus on purposeful and enjoyable activity and on understanding and combating the challenges and mental games that people play with themselves about food and weight.

The focus is on a healthy weight – wherever that is for you. Your best weight may be heavier than all those charts and non-RD experts tell you it should be. Don’t listen to them. Your BEST weight is the one that maximizes your health both physically AND emotionally. It is determined by YOU – your body, your medical labs – and not from some chart. (Spoiler Alert – excess weight does not CAUSE diabetes and heart disease… association is not causation… lots of “skinny” people have these conditions too!)

This is a client-centered approach. As your coach, I don’t have your answers; but I can make sure you are empowered with the reality (not the fads!) of nutrition, exercise, and health and I can lead you in a direction that helps you discover your answers.

If you have been following my blog and my AlexiaLewisRD Facebook page, I would love for you to follow my new NMC page on Facebook and check out my new Web site. (I will be minimizing what I share on AlexiaLewisRD!) Even if you aren’t in my area, I promise to share all the same good tips and information that I have been sharing on my AlexiaLewisRD pages.

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